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Visual Acuity and Optics with an Optomap® Scan
Dr. Degelman, our optometrist, will begin by looking at the results from your optomap® retinal scan to assess the health of your retina. Optomap® scans are included in every eye exam at Wink i Wear Optometry.

Eye Coordination and Visual Perception
Dr. Degelman will also examine how well your eyes work together and how they process visual information such as objects, colours and depth.

With a complete view of your eye health, eye conditions that may have no symptoms until later stages can often be detected earlier. Some examples are: glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, cataracts, macular degeneration, lazy eye and strabismus.

Dr. Tim Degelman has this to say about optometry...
“My passion for optometry comes from my dad, who was my mentor and an Optometrist for 51 years. My summer job while I was growing up was working in his office and learning everything I could. I love the look on a patient’s face when they suddenly see the world clearly and see themselves in a very flattering frame, perfectly suited for their vision needs and to their face”

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