Take Care of Your Glasses

At Wink i Wear we take pride in offering full service eye care, eye exams and incredible frames!

The following steps are recommended to make sure your eyeglasses or contact lenses feel like new for as long as possible.

  1. Get An Eyewear Case - We offer a variety of hard-shelled eyewear cases to protect your glasses when you're not wearing them. Be sure to use contact lens cases from a reputable manufacturer.
  2. Get A Lens Cloth - We're all guilty of cleaning our eyeglasses with our shirts or pants, but this can scratch your lenses. Use disposable wet lens cloths, a clean microfibre cleaning cloth, or a clean cloth that’s 100% cotton.
  3. Use Eyeglass Cleaner - Avoid using household glass cleaners that contain ammonia, bleach, or vinegar as they can erode your lenses’ protective coating and make them susceptible to scratches. Eyeglass lens sprays or warm water with a small amount of dish soap are safe bets.
  4. Bring Them Home

Remember to visit us periodically for a comprehensive cleaning and any necessary adjustments.