Frame of the Week - Kampen by Etnia Barcelona

This weeks winner goes to Kampen by Etnia Barcelona! Feeling funky in the retro-restyled eyewear.

Etnia Barcelona create glasses with natural materials and mineral glass lenses. They work with natural materials like cotton, wood, and glass, ensuring maximum comfort and an optimal visual experience.

Art, culture, and creativity inspire their colorful designs and their way to see the world. Etnia Barcelona's experience and know-how stretches over 70 years. For 20 of those years, they have been using artisan techniques to create the highest-quality glasses on the market.

Also, they are eliminating single-use plastic from the packaging of their glasses. They work with recyclable materials like a cotton case and the bag that protects the glasses, made from 100% biodegradable corn starch. And they  are working on an equality plan that guarantees equal access for men and women to jobs, along with the use of non-sexist language throughout the company. Sustainability and equality!

Etnia Barcelona challenges everyone to express themselves fearlessly. They are focused on color, art, and culture. They would say that they are the city, Barcelona, that has cradled them since the birth of their company.  A city open to the world, a way of life, simply a question of attitude.